2023, Video with sound. 04.15min

This film explores the transformative power of adornment, using the act of applying layers of makeup as a metaphorical journey.

A woman, meticulously builds layers of vibrant eye shadow, glitter, and multiple pairs of fake eyelashes onto her eye.
The visual richness and complexity of the makeup become symbolic of the various layers we accumulate in our lives. Each stroke of colour and each adhesive lash represents experiences, expectations, and societal pressures. The accumulating weight serves as a metaphor for the burdens we carry, both self-imposed and those placed upon us by external forces.

Focusing on the eye, a window to the soul, reinforces the idea that this process is not just about external appearance but delves into the internal struggles and complexities of the human psyche. At the end the woman finds herself unable to open her heavily adorned eye. The closed eye becomes a powerful visual metaphor for a person losing sight of their true self.